December 10: The Inactivists, Me Me Monster, Gort vs. Goom at Globe Hall


The Inactivists are back! And front!
Come see a fantastic bill on December 10, 8pm

Globe Hall
4483 Logan Street
Denver, CO, 80216

8:00 PM

This event is 21 and over

The Inactivists are currently a quartet of music-makers and merry-makers. And mirth-makers. Maybe even meth-makers. They are shakers and movers. Sometimes. Other times they are so inert they escape the attention of motion-detectors. They’ve been around for over 13 years. They’ve also been a square peg for nearly as long. They defy easy categorization. They also defy the first two laws of thermodynamics. They are breaking the law! Breaking the law!
Nerd Rock from Denver, Colorado

Me Me Monster: Hailing from Monstrovian royalty, the brothers Von Moenster journey to their current rock caravan has had many twists and turns. During the communist takeover of Monstrovia, the brothers were escorted via the underground clown brigade to France, Sweden and Houston.

The battle was epic…the heavens shook and sky cracked open, releasing a torrent of sounds rivaled only by the infernal rambles of hell itself. What raged on in the dread dark corners of space has made it’s way to earth…for we should all tremble in the wake of GORT VS. GOOM!
Gort Vs. Goom is a Nerd Thrash power-duo from Denver, Colorado

Scot Livingston's Monkees Book "A Many Fractured Image" has been updated


Now updated to include GOOD TIMES! This book is a look at the Monkees' music through playlists devoted each producer's vision of the band at various points in their career. The music that the Monkees released was an amalgamation of the efforts of several different producers. THE MONKEES: A MANY FRACTURED IMAGE is an attempt to root out each production team's individual efforts and compile them into playlists that help illustrate what each producer brought to the Monkees project and what they thought their music should sound like.

Says Scot:

"When I finished this book last year, I was pretty confident that we had gotten all the Monkees music we were ever going to get. But apparently I was wrong. In the sake of completeness, I did go ahead and revise my book to include about 5 - 10 pages on Good Times! (depending on your device). For those who already bought this for your Kindle or Nook or whatever, I think you can just re-download it to get the latest updates. Unfortunately, this feature is not available on paper books.

And for those who haven't bought my book this is as a good of time to remind everyone that is available for purchase for the low, low price of $5.




Read all about it in Westword


Friday the 13th 2016
Smashy Claw
The Inactivists
Seventh Circle Music Collective
2935 W 7th Ave, Denver, Colorado 80204
$7 - $10 suggested donation, help keep 7th Circle alive and functioning!

All Ages Show at Walnut Room

Categories: Kelly Prestridge -- there can be only one, Incestuous Bands, Live Shows, Mr. Matt Sumner onthebass

We are playing the Walnut Room today...A rare All Ages event with pizza and beer and kids...Great Combination, if you ask me. 
There will be other bands as well. Universal Devils, The Jimmy Curtis Experience, Claudzilla, The Mourning Sickness and Gort Vs Goom will be going us. 
Only $5, doors at 2, show starts at 3!

FRANKSGIVING 2015!! Little Fyodor, Ralph Gean, Inactivists, Suzi HomewreKer plus Frank Bell

Franksgiving_100915fbheaderFriday, October 9
9 pm/ $6/ 21+
Lion's Lair
2022 E Colfax Ave, Denver, Colorado 80206
Show Map


Frank Bell once again hosts his annual celebration of having survived a near fatal bout of Crohn's Disease instead of succumbing to it and thus not being here now to celebrate it!! Each year on this horrific yet victorious anniversary he parties with his two favorite Denver bands, Little Fyodor and Ralph Gean, plus two more of exceptional caliber, plus offers a HOT DOG AND DONUT BUFFET and accepts donations to the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America!!!

This year he is ALSO having an artsy type produce a HIGHLY COLLECTIBLE Jack Chick-style tract telling the story of Franksgiving that he will distribute bountifully among the faithful and faithless alike!!!

So come join the party, git down to the funky sounds, gorge yourselves on delectable delicacies and overall astound yourselves to the awe inspiring extravaganza that is -- FRANKSGIVING 2015!!!!

Ralph Gean, BTW, is an old time rockabilly cat who cut sides in the early sixties and still plays his joyful and sincere heart out with his acoustic balanced on his belly!! Check him out at

The Inactivists are long-time progenitors of eclectic, progressive, wacky, zippy, darkly, sickly humorous rock and whatever else it might get called!!

Suzi HomewreKer is a sweet, tart and saucy power pop punk rock goddess who'd be playing stadiums were there any justice!!!

Little Fyodor will be playing our first gig since our BIG 7 inch EP release show, and hey, some slabs of Truly Rejected vinyl and the accompanying Mar Williams designed t-shirts are still available.... (Fair Warning: this will be the Little Fyodor trio sans Babushka who will be away on special assignment!!)