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What: Denver Art Rock Collective All Stars: Inactivists, Little Fyodor, Gort Vs. Goom, Cattle Axe and The Plastic Rakes
When: Saturday, 08.17.19, 8 p.m.
Where: Streets Denver
Why: Denver Art Rock Collective is a loose affiliation of bands that don’t really fit into any distinct musical categories but are united by having an eccentric artistic vision behind the music and this event features some of the group’s greatest bands. Naturally punk/noise pioneer Little Fyodor will bring the weirdness as well as great songcraft, Gort Vs. Goom is the Blue Oyster Cult, Melvins and Devo hybrid no one was expecting or asking for but which we need in this bland era and The Inactivists return after who knows how long a hiatus to lay out twisted pop songs too clever for their own good but also catchy enough that in a parallel universe the band would have had a string of hit records. The Plastic Rakes includes former Mourning Sickness guitarist Matt Maher and Cattle Axe includes former New Ancient Astronauts and Superbuick guitarist/vocalist Kasey Elkington.


DARC allstars 081719
Saturday, August 17, 2019 8 PM / $8 / 21+
Streets Denver
1501 E Colfax Ave, Denver, Colorado 80218

The Little Fyodor Band

Gort vs Goom

The Inactivists

The Cattle Axe

The Plastic Rakes

DJ Frank Bell

When the Denver Art Rock Collective was established in 2005, it was designed to help misfit musicians band together in support and celebration of the different, the original, and the weird. Outnumbered in a disinterested rock music scene, the DARC sought refuge in the strange. 
Since those halcyon days, the DARC has seen guitar sales decline, CD sales decline, even MP3 sales decline. Clubs have all but abandoned material support for the musically wayward. While the DARC set itself apart from the mainstream, the mainstream has dried up or moved away entirely. Once the court jester to a larger kingdom, the DARC is now one of the few survivors. There is no need to point out the feet of clay, as the once indomitable genre has now withered to dust. Much like Vaughn Meader in the wake of the JFK assassination, the DARC is adrift, a rebel without a cause. Over the past 14 years, many of the bands have disbanded and rebranded before shuffling off to the great gig in the sky. Newer bands, like Bolonium and Gort vs. Goom have taken their place, fighting to keep the spirits alive.
On Saturday, August 17th, 2019 at Streets Denver, in what will either be a reunion of old or a celebration of continuation, the DARC will be hosting their All-Star event. (Hey now, you’re an art-rock star!) Expect to see active DARC bands, The Plastic Rakes, Gort v. Goom, and the Cattle Axe as well as host/MC DJ Frank Bell. And all-star members of such seminal bands as The Mourning Sickness, New Ancient Astronauts, Yerkish, the Skivvies, Amphibious Jones, and the Inactivists. Maybe we’ll even coax Little Fyodor and/or Babushka out of quasi-retirement. These are artists that have not been forgotten… mostly because people weren’t aware of them in the first place. But the few who did see them (mostly because they were dating one or more of the band members at the time) will never forget them. Maybe not in a good way, but the DARC will not go gentle into that dark night. Art Rock may smell funny, but it’s alive!

The Inactivists Return for the Official Denver Comic Con After Party



Friday, June 30 at 7 PM
Paramount Cafe
519 16th St, Denver, Colorado 80202

Admission is Free!

It's the first night of Denver Comic Con and just because the con is over doesn't mean you have to go home! Its' the Official Denver Comic Con After Party - Friday Night edition.

This is a two-part party, one half outdoors, one half indoors and all of it is free admission and within walking distance of the Convention Center.

Part 1 - Outdoors
Located in the alley next to Paramount Cafe 519 16th Street, Denver CO.
7:00PM - 10:00PM
This event is 21+

The Fabulous Boogienauts
The Inactivists
Faded Freakshow

Part 2 - Indoors
Located inside the Paramount Cafe 519 16th Street, Denver CO
This event is 18+

Celebrity DJ, KTCL's DJ Alf presenting There's an Ape for That! For this special DJ set, The Ape will be playing a wide genre of records and giving those records away to attendees for FREE afterward.

For both parts there will be games, beer from Breckenridge Brewery, merriment and nerdy fun!

Scot Livingston's Monkees Book "A Many Fractured Image" has been updated


Now updated to include GOOD TIMES! This book is a look at the Monkees' music through playlists devoted each producer's vision of the band at various points in their career. The music that the Monkees released was an amalgamation of the efforts of several different producers. THE MONKEES: A MANY FRACTURED IMAGE is an attempt to root out each production team's individual efforts and compile them into playlists that help illustrate what each producer brought to the Monkees project and what they thought their music should sound like.

Says Scot:

"When I finished this book last year, I was pretty confident that we had gotten all the Monkees music we were ever going to get. But apparently I was wrong. In the sake of completeness, I did go ahead and revise my book to include about 5 - 10 pages on Good Times! (depending on your device). For those who already bought this for your Kindle or Nook or whatever, I think you can just re-download it to get the latest updates. Unfortunately, this feature is not available on paper books.

And for those who haven't bought my book this is as a good of time to remind everyone that is available for purchase for the low, low price of $5.



The Inactivists' Decade Anniversary and CD Awareness Party


The Inactivists' Decade Anniversary and CD Awareness Party

Oct. 11 2013 / doors at 8 pm / $5

The Walnut Room, 3131 Walnut St., Denver

Orifice A The Drood The Inactivists Roboperazilla

Most unsigned local bands tend not to be very prolific. There is a good reason for that. With the costs of recording continually plummeting, the only thing standing between a would-be auteur and recording something as complicated and intricate (if not nearly as good) as “Sgt. Pepper” or “Pet Sounds” is simply a matter of time and patience and having a decent computer. This, coupled with the fact that fewer and fewer people are interested in or able to actually pay for recorded music makes the imperative for an artist to create a large catalogue of albums almost nil. But the Inactivists never were one to do things the usual or popular or logical way. Another unusual thing that the Inactivists have decided to do is to stay together for 10 years. That’s right -- the Inactivists had their first rehearsal all the way back in the days of yore (October 2003) and had their first show the very next day. Unless someone is paying them all a good deal of money most bands have not only broken up within that first decade, but have also had their big reunion concert and have broken up again in that same amount of time. Heck, these days most marriages don’t even last ten years. The Inactivists, however, have tapes of themselves impersonating John Kerry during his presidential run that were recorded during the sessions for their second album. That’s how damn old this band is. To commemorate this milestone, The Inactivists are releasing their sixth album (Seventh if you count the split EP with Babushka, “It’s An ‘The Inactivists’ Xmas!!”)  2013 will see the debut of “You’re So Kingin’ It!” the penultimate installment in what is the most inaccurately described trilogy of albums, ever! Other titles in this unwieldy discography include “Self-Titled Debut” (2004), “Disappointing Follow-Up” (2005), “Dreaded Concept Album” (2007), “Love Songs and Other Songs About Love” (2009) and “War On Jazz Hands” (2011). “You’re So Kingin’ It!” was recorded and mixed by Eric Loomis, the same guy who did the stellar work on the previous CD “War On Jazz Hands” and features the inaugural recordings of the latest members of the Inactivists’ fold: Cody Schlueter on Vibraphone and Alekzandr Palesh on ophicleide and trombone. In celebration of these two dubious achievements of longevity and productivity, the Inactivists are having a Decade Anniversary and CD Awareness Party on October 11th at 9:00 pm at the Walnut Room at 3131 Walnut Street. Why a “CD Awareness Party”? “We’ve tried releasing CDs in the past”, comments an Inactivist spokesperson, “But as inanimate objects, the CDs tend to just stay there.” Opening the nights festivities are the dulcet tones of the misanthropic Orifice A, and the experimental tonalities of The Droog. After the Inactivists take the stage and do whatever it is that they do, the evening will conclude with a performance of the monster puppet dub-step opera that is Roboperazilla. Really. We’re not making that up. You have to see it to believe it. Tickets are on sale now for only $5 and are available at What does the future hold for the Inactivists? Another ten years of same? They quietly break-up the day after the show? A complete make-over into the Inactivists Mark II? Only your hairstylist knows for sure… More Information, contact Scot at PRESS: To download the new CD  go to and enter the password you received, or contact for an actual, non-virtual, physical copy of our CD. Go HERE to see the Inactivists EPK